Harold Rubin is 92 year old entrepreneur and polymath has been self employed almost all his working life. New York City born – Harold has lived and worked in Shoreditch for over 30 years. He recently launched Harold Unlimited to shift attitudes towards age and encourage healthy cooking as a way to increase wellness and combat isolation amongst singles and older people. Harold describes himself as a form of perpetual motion as I have never been able to suppress my enthusiasm for my interests.

Born and educated in New York City, first generation American, parents immigrants to the USA at end of 19th Century. Harold’s father worked himself up as a successful women’s clothing manufacturer with his own company which weathered the early years of the Great Depression. One of his brothers was a self made millionaire heading a firm making office and school supplies. A maternal uncle headed a metal works company.

Harold started his own interior design practice at 17 while still studying. I have now worked 75 of my 92 years and a total of those being employed by others is about five of those years. He has had three lengthy different careers where he followedhis passion, as an architectural and interior designer, as an art gallery owner/director (2 galleries Manhattan and London –Shoreditch) and as a restaurateur ( 2 restaurants Pembrokeshire and London – Islington). There have been several other businesses he has created. He has also done these from economic necessity, ability and knowledge and a desire to prove himself.

Harold is planning a video series on cooking, intending to guide and inspire people into simple, healthy, economical dining which can lead to improving their general wellbeing and social life.